Supplier Collaboration / Innovation

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New Product Introduction

Untap supplier-led innovation to Develop, Launch and Deliver more profitable products

  • Direct materials quoting
  • BoM management
  • Secure sharing of design and other sensitive documents
  • Supplier parts qualification process management (APQP)
Ivalua’s platform provided us with transparency and the ability to better collaborate with our suppliers. This helped us engage our suppliers to develop a new offering to retain and actually grow revenue from an at-risk customer, who has now entrusted us to manage over 35,000 of their employees outpatient medical needs.
Noel Rajan President

Nurture Supplier Relationships

(instead of straining them)

The “Power of Zero” combined with the “Power of Infinity”




Connect Your Way

Rapid, scalable supplier onboarding

Suppliers on Ivalua have the freedom to connect any way they want. Log in through the portal or connect directly through EDI or XML, or just email, fax or upload through Excel.

More than 1 million suppliers connect with a world of commerce through Ivalua.

They get on boarded quickly – often in minutes – and they start collaborating with buyers from day one.

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Generate Growth through Supplier Enabled Innovation

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