Telecom 2025: Opportunities & Challenges for Procurement in a Rapidly Changing Industry

Digitization and the telecom industry are inextricably linked. Telecommunications form a central pillar upon which many of today’s digitally driven trends and innovations are based. The infrastructure, products and services of this industry enable mobility, smart homes, connected cars, wearables, the Internet of Things (IoT), mobile payments and much much more. Clearly, connectivity will play an increasingly essential role across many businesses and their products and services.

That said, many telecom providers across the world are themselves in need of major upgrades, especially if they expect to handle the coming surge of demand from digital natives and from fast emerging digital innovations. Upgrades not only to their connectivity and network infrastructure but to their very business models and cost structures. External spend – opex and capex – is a major component of the cost base and Procurement organizations can do a lot to make improvements and optimize.

Ivalua for Telecommunications

Ivalua empowers Procurement and Supply Chain organizations with a complete source-to-pay platform that is designed to be agile, collaborative and smart. Our solutions will help to connect to your entire supplier network, collaborate with and manage supplier information, optimize costs and monitor risk and performance.

...having reviewed all the available software – considering supplier registration, project management, sourcing, contracting, spend analysis and supplier performance from the point of view of usability and functionality – Sprint made its choice. The solution that combined much better usability that the previous tool with better functionality is Ivalua, a world class, end-to-end suite of procurement modules.

Ivalua customers see immediate and sustainable results


Employees adopted solution in two weeks


Suppliers onboarded for RFX and POs


Electronic invoicing adoption within three months


Sourcing events and projects executed


Legacy systems replaced by 1 platform across 330 sites and 34 countries


electronic purchase Requests and Purchase Orders

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