The Manufacturing Revolution: What it means for Procurement

Over the last few years, uncertainty and volatility have become the new norm but so have rapid innovation, new business models and new forms of competition. In this environment, manufacturers are quickly realizing that to achieve above average growth they must pursue aggressive strategies with focused investments in technology, R&D and towards enhancing orchestration of the value chain.

A global manufacturing revolution is underway. It is already impacting how products are designed, made, delivered and serviced. As manufacturers hunt for growth, they are looking to new products, new markets and embracing digital technologies. One thing is clear, however, data is the essential element that will define the future of manufacturing. How it is generated, analyzed and harnessed will impact the entire value chain to ultimately deliver better products, faster.

Ivalua for Manufacturing

Suppliers have never been more essential to success for manufacturers. Global supply chains are a primary source of competitive advantage and facilitating deeper collaboration will pay dividends. This is precisely where Ivalua can help – to improve product design collaboration and direct sourcing, bring visibility and transparency to transactions and always keeping an eye on risk, performance and quality.

Ivalua’s solution has proven to be extremely efficient in helping us manage complex sourcing processes and capture huge saving opportunities. We deployed the Ivalua solution rapidly and achieved ROI within a few weeks. We’re now looking forward to the next step of our partnership with the deployment of Ivalua’s SRM solution enabling visibility into our entire supplier network.
Francesco Cantoni Strategic Procurement and Supply Chain Manager Lucchini RS

Ivalua customers see immediate and sustainable results


Billion managed in direct and indirect spend by a leading aerospace company


Legacy systems replaced by 1 platform across 330 sites and 34 countries by a leading provider of automotive engineering solutions


In annual savings by a leading global tire manufacturer


Active suppliers and 330 strategic suppliers proactively managed by a major manufacturer


Columns per sourcing round by a leading appliance manufacturer

Proven, reliable partner for manufacturing organizations.

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