Direct Materials Sourcing

Realize the possibilities of effective direct materials planning

Ivalua empowers you to develop, launch and deliver more profitable products

For too long, Procurement has taken a back seat when it comes to the product lifecycle and new product innovation. Not anymore.

We would like to involve procurement as early as possible in the product life cycle in order to improve risk management, reduce our time-to-market and improve the company’s operational performance...we found that Ivalua was the tool best suited to meet our business objectives dues to its many features, user-friendliness and ability to seamlessly interface with our ERP.
CPO, Global Electronics Manufacturer

Achieve Product Success

Proven expertise in direct materials sourcing and powerful solutions to help manufacturers accelerate speed to market and drive innovation. Ivalua empowers collaboration with suppliers on product design, launches, cost modeling and much more.

Direct Materials Procurement Requires the Right Tools

Design Collaboration Your Requirements

Securely incorporate technical design documents into your sourcing process to clearly communicate requirements.

Direct Sourcing

Define & track complex sourcing projects including communication, documents, tasks, dependencies and more.

Bill of Materials (BOM)

Manage your product’s BOM through the sourcing, costing & supplier selection process.

Assets & Tooling

Track locations, usage, depreciation, maintenance and decommissioning of key assets

Item & Service Master

Use a single primary record as the source of truth for item creation and maintenance

Supplier risk & performance management

Assess and monitor risk and performance issues, initiate & manage improvement plans

Our customers design and assemble incredible products. We help them work more effectively across internal teams and with suppliers to innovate, improve performance and achieve product success.