The Italian pharmaceutical group Zambon chooses Buyer, Ivalua’s e-sourcing tool

Milan, June 11th,2014 – The Italian multinational company Zambon, a leader in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, has chosen Buyer V8, Ivalua’s latest version of e-purchasing software for the management of strategic sourcing at group level.

By adopting Ivalua Buyer, Zambon aims at optimising its buying process and offering users in Europe, America and Asia a multilingual and ergonomic collaborative tool.

« Zambon has recently redefined its purchasing structure by focusing on improving the process and professional aspect of its teams. Buyer, Ivalua’s collaborative solution, should help us reach our qualitative and economic targets rapidly and effectively » explains Paolo Pessarelli, Purchasing Director, Zambon Group.

Among the different modules available in the Ivalua suite, Zambon has selected SRM (Suppliers Relationship Management), Spend Analysis and e-Sourcing.

« We are excited to include Zambon among our new clients. Ivalua opened an office in Italy in October 2013 with the clear objective of expanding the company’s success and strengthening its presence in Europe. The addition of a first reference in Italy is a very significant step in our expansion » commented Gérard Dahan, EMEA Manager, Ivalua.

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