Lucchini RS deploys Ivalua in just 30 days to manage Sourcing & Auctions processes

Orsay, France – January 6th, 2016 – Ivalua announced today that Italian industrial group Lucchini RS uses Ivalua’s solution to more efficiently manage sourcing and auction processes with their suppliers.

“Ivalua’s solution has proven to be extremely efficient in helping us manage complex sourcing processes and capture huge saving opportunities. We deployed the Ivalua solution rapidly and achieved ROI within a few weeks. We’re now looking forward to the next step of our partnership with the deployment of Ivalua’s SRM solution enabling visibility into our entire supplier network.” declared Francesco CANTONI, Strategic Procurement and Supply Chain Manager at Lucchini RS.

Lucchini RS use Ivalua to:

  • Easily manage all indirect and direct sourcing events — spot bids to full strategic sourcing
  • Accelerate the sourcing process with templates and configurable workflows
  • Collaborate with key stakeholders on RFP preparation, proposal evaluations and bid awards
  • Enable global visibility of all sourcing events and timelines

“We’re delighted to welcome Lucchini RS as part of the Ivalua customer community. We believe Sourcing is where procurement can deliver its highest strategic value. With Ivalua, our customers report better, faster, more informed decisions that affect savings, eliminate risk, manage compliance and improve operations,” Gérard DAHAN General Manager IVALUA EMEA.

Join Francesco Cantoni, Strategic Procurement and Supply Chain Department manager at Lucchini RS during the next IVALUA PROCUREMENT AFTER WORK 21th January 2016 in Hotel Principe di Savoia in Milan. Mr Cantoni will show the performance gains resulting from the deployment of Ivalua sourcing module through practical use-cases and unveil the key success factors of the Lucchini RS project.

About Lucchini RS Group

Lucchini RS Group is an international leader in the design and production of railway products, castings and forgings intended for all industrial sectors, as well as tool steels and forged ingots. The Group produces a wide range of railway products: wheels, axles, tyres, wheelsets destined to High Speed transport, Mass Transit systems and Freight and Heavy Haul transport. It manufactures high quality steel castings and forgings used in different sectors such as power generation, aerospace, offshore, petrochemicals, plant engineering, steel industry or shipbuilding. Lucchini RS Group is also specialised in the production of a wide range of tool steels for moulding, die-casting, gravity die-casting and extrusion.

Thanks to its international presence in the railway sector, Lucchini RS Group has become one of the main manufacturers of high quality products in the world, with subsidiary companies located in UK, Sweden, Poland, Austria, Belgium, China and India. This network provides an effective contribution to the railway industry in terms of high quality components and sub-assemblies for rolling stock and maintenance services.

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