Ivalua Standardizes on DocuSign for Digital Transaction Management

Redwood City, CA – November  24th, 2014 – Ivalua is going to integrate the DocuSign, Inc. (DocuSign®) Digital Transaction Management (DTM) platform featuring its industry leading electronic signature solution into the company’s integrated suite, Ivalua Solution. The coupling will empower companies and their suppliers to transact anything, anytime, anywhere, on any device – securely – accelerating contract completion

“With its industry leading electronic signature solution, DocuSign offers a tremendous opportunity for our customers to transform their businesses,” said Paul Noel, SVP Procurement Solutions at Ivalua Inc. “DTM’s capabilities have become a necessity for businesses looking to streamline their spend management, and DocuSign’s secure, cloud-based platform works exceptionally well among our offerings.”

Ivalua Solution allows customers to effectively manage every process along the entire spend management spectrum, from the strategic sourcing decisions to transactional and analytical reporting. The integration of DocuSign’s DTM platform will enhance the customer, partner, supplier and employee experience by further digitizing the transaction process. This potent combination will enable businesses to go fully digital to significantly cut expenses, close business faster, and provide a superior experience for both procurement officers and their suppliers.

“DocuSign’s industry leading DTM platform combined with Ivalua’s broad product suite and wide variety of industries it serves will further help businesses streamline their operations, dramatically reduce costs, and delight their customers, partners, suppliers and employees,” said Glenn Griffin, vice president of Business Development at DocuSign. “Given Ivalua and DocuSign’s shared goal of putting customers and their success at the core of everything we do, this partnership is a natural extension of both of our capabilities and long-term strategy.”

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