Ivalua Releases Findings
from Latest International Procurement Executives Survey

Executives from 29 countries reveal how digital technologies are impacting the profession.

November 3, 2015 – PARIS – Ivalua today announced the results of its third International Procurement Executives Survey. The survey focused on the impact that digital technologies are having on the procurement function and included responses from 450 procurement executives from 29 countries representing 321 companies.

Executives who took part in the survey between May and August of this year were asked about the impact of digital technology, notably in terms of strategy and processes. Risks, gains and associated opportunities were also covered, as well as the evolution of intra-company and external relations, the development of new management methods and the integration of digital technologies.

The survey is the third edition of Ivalua’s market research into the priorities and challenges facing today’s procurement teams. Results from this year’s survey shed light on several relevant and instructive themes for procurement professionals, including the Digitalization of Procurement, Procurement & Big Data, Procurement & Mobile Technologies, Procurement & Cloud-Based Solutions and Procurement & Social Media.

Noteworthy findings include:

  • A large majority of procurement executives (80 percent) consider digital transformation to be an opportunity. Only 4 percent see it as a threat.
  • When asked about their vision of the digitalization of procurement for 2020, respondents cited (in order of priority): cloud-based solutions, big data, mobile technologies and social media.
  • 84 percent of procurement managers state that cloud computing is, or will soon be, part of their procurement strategy.
  • 91 percent looked favorably upon big data procurement applications, but only 12 percent claimed to have put in place concrete actions to promote the integration of big data within their procurement departments.
  • 74 percent of procurement executives said that their teams have access to a mobile spend management application.
  • The use of social media is not high on the agenda of procurement executives. Only 35 percent include it in their strategy, and a small majority (52 percent) favor using it within their job area.

“The findings of the survey clearly demonstrate the importance of putting in place a digital strategy in procurement teams. This brings about many opportunities, particularly in terms of cost reduction, but also faster access to information, better spend analysis, flexible working time management and innovation,” said Gérard Dahan, EMEA General Manager, Ivalua.

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