Ivalua presents new Catalog Management tool features

New features added to the Ivalua Catalog Management module offer a number of benefits, including improvement of catalog quality and a smoother supplier-buyer relationship.

Supplier catalogs are the keystone of an effective eProcurement tool. Making supplier catalogs available and managing them is a real challenge for Purchasing departments wanting to optimize their processes, enable easy catalog-based purchasing and realize greater savings through contract compliance on negotiated prices.
Ivalua’s new catalog import and management tool features now enable closer collaboration between buyers and suppliers, with a simplified process for creating and updating catalogs and full visibility of changes made to items subject to a framework agreement.

Benefits include:

Reinforced control with the implementation of a workflow for validating the import of new supplier catalogs and a user-friendly interface that allows quick identification by buyers of variations in item pricing between contractual rates and imports.

Improvement in overall catalog quality and total visibility on the application of contractual conditions by configuring alerts that notify buyers in case of detected anomalies (such as items without a contract, without a price, minimum photo percentage not attained, item without an Internet link, etc.).

Improved communication between procurement team and suppliers through an interactive collaboration area that lets them communicate in real time and follow the progress of catalog imports (being created, validated, published, refused, etc.).

Smoother flow in the process of classifying items by purchasing categories with the possibility for buyers of making a batch modification of how the items are assigned after importing.

“Ivalula now provides a true solution to catalog management challenges by smoothing the relationship between buyers and suppliers, while improving the quality of catalogs and checking the effective application of framework agreements negotiated by the Purchasing Department,” says Gérard Dahan, General Manager EMEA for Ivalua.

The Ivalua eProcurement module and its catalog management tool are used daily by tens of thousands of procurement professionals and suppliers in over thirty countries throughout the world.

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