Aéroports de Paris chooses Ivalua and Axys Consultants

London, October 13, 2014 – Aéroports de Paris is a world leader in the design and operation of airports. In 2013, Paris airports handled nearly 90 million passengers and 2.2 million tons of freight and mail, while 43 million passengers were managed at airports in other countries. To hone its competitive edge, the Group relies on its Purchasing Department, whose mission is to contribute to overall profitability and customer satisfaction while taking into account the company’s multiple constraints (operational, corporate social responsibility, legal, etc.).

Since the Group must ensure optimal purchasing and supplier performance within a strict regulatory framework, it has acquired the Ivalua Buyer e-Procurement solution, a 100% collaborative platform dedicated to managing 800 annual contracts and analysing spend. In particular, it has chosen the Spend Analysis, Purchasing Dashboard, Action Plan and Savings Tracking, Business and Contract Management and Supplier Performance Evaluation modules.

“By entrusting us with a project of this scope, in partnership with Axys Consultants, Aéroports de Paris has been a major participant in reinforcing our positioning on the e-Procurement market, and we are very grateful to them,” says Gérard Dahan, General Manager EMEA at Ivalua.

“[After being selected,] we worked closely with the Aéroport de Paris and Axys Constutants teams throughout the project, and this contributed greatly to its success,” he continues.

In addition to centralizing information and capitalizing on it within the same tool, Ivalua Buyer improves information flow and access, while reducing the administrative load for users (purchasers, suppliers and procurement officers, as well as purchasing advisors, management accountants and legal experts). The time they save allows them to focus more energy on their core activity.

“This tool participates fully in Purchasing Department performance by proposing a purchasing process which is secure from end to end, 100% dematerialized and in line with Group goals,” states Dominique Etourneau, Purchasing Director for the Aéroports de Paris Group.

“To facilitate acceptance and adoption of the tool, it needed to be easy to use and have intuitive ergonomics. This is why we paid special attention to the user interface. As of today, 650 people use the application for all sorts of tasks,” he adds.

“We were also able to appreciate Ivalua’s ability to take into account our requirements for integration within the framework of application services that the IT Department provides to the Purchasing Department, making Ivalua Buyer the heart of the company’s Purchasing IT system,” concludes Philippe Garnier, Finance Domain Manager for the Aéroports de Paris IT Department.

Solution deployment benefited from the expertise of Axys Consultants, a management consulting company which participated as the project’s contracting authority support. Axys Consultants intervened on both the overall purchasing cycle and the specificities of airport requirements with respect to the organization of Aéroports de Paris.

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