Trending in Procurement – The Value of integrated Source-to-Pay suites model

Source-to-pay (S2P) also known as Source-to-settle (S2S) systems were primarily designed to support procurement departments across the whole purchasing process and to provide strategic value through cost savings, time optimization, contract compliance to mention but a few.

As defined by Magnus Bergfors in a recent Gartner report *, a “S2S solution (also known as source to pay) is a complete suite of procurement applications that has been designed to support upstream processes (such as spend analysis, sourcing, supply base management and contract management), as well as downstream, transactional procure-to-pay processes, including e-requisitioning, e-catalog management and e-invoicing.” With S2S tools, activities such as spend analysis, category management, requisitioning, sourcing, invoicing, and supplier management are part of an integrated platform.

Integrated S2P platforms may be of 2 types: homogenous (one code-base, one database, one server and one suppliers table) or heterogeneous (built on a series of successively built or acquired code-bases modules).

Much is currently said about the benefits and the inconveniences of such platforms. Trending in Procurement is giving you the voice to express you perception of the value of S2P suites and to understand the rationales behind each different types of Spend Management environments used today by enterprises: full-suite S2P platform (homogenous / heterogeneous) as opposed to niche solutions or modules.

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* Magnus BERGFORS, Gartner, Procurement Hype Cycle 2013.

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