Services Spend: the last Procurement frontier ?

Consulting, Business Process Outsourcing, IT maintenance, Service Desk, Training, Patents … Services spend represents a great challenge for most enterprises. Managing services spend involves dealing with specific financial, legal and organizational issues attached to this type of category. That’s why services procurement is often regarded as a complex category.

Although most organizations spend a substantial percentage of their revenue on services, these categories are not systematically managed by Procurement departments nor integrated in Spend Management tools used to process the purchase of goods.

Trending in Procurement gives the voice to procurement professionals as well as any professionals involved in services procurement to review the challenges tied to Services spend and the role of procurement technologies can play in easing the way enterprises deal with these challenges.

Which business unit (s) manage services procurement? Why services aren’t spend categories systematically managed by Procurement departments? What tools are used to process services purchases?

The survey Trending in Procurement – Services Procurement is now closed. Survey report will be available soon. Stay tune!

About Trending in Procurement

Trending in Procurement is quarterly survey produced by Ivalua to cut through industry hype and review the latest developments in the procurement community.

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