Ivalua Survey : Procurement Project Management

Project management is a key aspect of any large-scale enterprise project. The success of these “big projects” is often based on the early integration of Procurement in the process, from the design and framing phase, as well as on the performance of the tools available to the procurement teams to plan and monitor various tasks running in parallel.

“Project buyers” do not pilot a specific category, but a complete project, based on the purchase of a set of goods and services (raw materials, processed products, services, etc.) in liaison with the business teams and the overall strategy of the company.

Compliance with specifications, deadlines and budgets requires constant vigilance from procurement teams who manage complex flows of information, documents and files calling for action at the level of a supplier network, partners, internal teams and backend systems.

  • What is the role of Procurement in the company’s strategic initiatives?
  • Which project management system(s) is(are) most appropriate for the management of a Procurement project?
  • What are the characteristics of a successful project management system?

Ivalua gives you the floor to share your vision of efficient Procurement project management and tools to determine the key trends in this field that is at the heart of the current challenges for Purchasing Departments.

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