Ivalua Innovates Cloud Spend Management Software with Update 152

Accelerates Adoption, Enriches User Experience, Improves Control and Simplifies Complexity

Ivalua, a global leader in cloud spend management solutions, today announced Ivalua Update 152 (IU 152), its third major cloud platform update of the year. IU 152 delivers enhanced out-of-the-box deployment, enriched user experience, improved compliance and supplier risk management and simpler management of complexity in large organizations.

Ivalua has the fastest research and development update cycle with over 95% of enhancements conceived and released in less than a quarter. Over 60% of Ivalua enhancements are directly inspired by clients and prospects, with the remaining coming from market research and analysts.
The four key themes of IU 152 are:

  • Enhanced Out-of-the-Box Deployment – for customers who want to leverage out-of-the-box deep functionality as a starting point for a quick deployment, IU 152 provides simplified configuration with standard functionality, processes and workflow and sample buyer and supplier dashboards
  • Enriched User Experience for Everyone – many users prefer only one vertical scrollbar on a screen, one line menu, one line search criteria when the advanced search is collapsed, simplified browse screens and easily locatable centered Action buttons. Further, high adoption requires catering to navigation preferences of a diverse set of users. IU 152 provides simplified screens and vertical tabs with icons and the ability to collapse and expand the view, ‘vignette effect’ with white frames on a grey background, fully responsive buyer and supplier portal on mobile devices
  • Improved Compliance and Supplier Risk Management –effective supplier management requires vendor managers to ensure that suppliers are up-to-date in providing mandatory credentials – which vary by country, industry, organization, commodity and risk-tier. IU 152 provides the ability to define ‘mandatory and conditional supplier credentials’ for any conditional combination of these criteria and automatically prompt both suppliers and vendor managers on compliance status, reducing manual effort and risk
  • Simplified Management of Complexity in Large Organizations– effective Sourcing requires timely responses to hundreds of supplier queries in the Forum. Sourcing managers should be able to efficiently source even the most complex spend categories. Buyers and requestors should be able to consistently apply allocations across purchase requests at scale.
    IU 152 makes it faster to manage messages in the Sourcing Forum i.e. locate unread and un-replied messages, search inside the message body, identify messages sent by supplier vs. internal users, quickly mark ‘replied’ status to courtesy messages, access to a chronological message view and one click download for all file attachments. Further, sourcing managers can rapidly analyze and award large item sets, for example 20,000 items. IU 152 provides a simpler proposal summary, improved screen organization, easier use of award scenarios and algorithms, ability to quickly navigate the grid for a large number of items and mass awards using 2 clicks.
  • IU 152 also simplifies procure-to-pay allocations process by providing configuration flexibility and the use of defaults and templates to guide allocation mechanisms. With IU 152, administrators can easily create, edit and replicate allocations and make mass changes at scale.

“We’re excited to deliver our 152nd release, continuing our journey of innovation in enhancing our single organic application that delivers value beyond savings,” said David Khuat-Duy, Group CEO of Ivalua. “IU 152 helps our customers create a competitive advantage by accelerating adoption, improving compliance and faster deployment by using out-of-the-box functionality.”

As with all Ivalua Updates, IU 152 is delivered through the next generation Cloud Factory that lets clients visualize updates prior to acceptance, control update timing, carry forward unique configurations and, apply updates anywhere – be it the Ivalua Cloud, client’s private cloud or on premise.

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