Innovation: Universal Search

The latest enhancement from the Ivalua R&D team is Universal Searcha supercharged search engine for your Ivalua system that looks across the entire suite, including texts and attached documents, and is available on every screen.

Instead of navigating through the tool menu to find information, relevant results automatically pop up as users type their search. Users save time with near instant access to any information across the Ivalua system, including suppliers, items, products, contracts, orders, invoices, expenses and so much more.

Every time a user types a word, Universal Search auto-completion instantly proposes direct links to:

  • Top 5 relevant suppliers
  • Top 5 items
  • Top 5 contracts
  • Top 5 invoices

The feature has many useful aspects. For example, when typing an invoice number, users can instantly access that particular invoice or jump straight to the next approval step. And when a user isn’t quite sure what they are looking for, they can type a word and he get directed to preferred items from the catalog, to the most relevant contracts or to pending orders or invoices to be approved.

Universal Search. The latest innovation from Ivalua.


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