Imagining The Future Of Spend Management Technology

You’re a Procurement Executive? We’d like to hear from you… Participate in the Ivalua Procurement Executives Survey 2016 and win an Apple Watch!


Ivalua launched the 4th edition of its Procurement Executives Survey and take a look into the future of Spend Management Technologies.

Spend Management technologies today offer extensive integration, visibility, and controls to the enterprise, helping procurement executives operate more efficiently while saving from such economies. But it isn’t stopping here…. Innovation is driving massive change in procurement.

Ivalua gives the voice to Procurement executives to get their views and their aspirations with regards to Spend Management technology innovation as well as identify technologies that they believe will have the greatest impact on procurement functions.

“Ivalua is surveying senior procurement executives and executive practitioners around the world to learn how the function is changing, and what role technology plays in this evolution. Procurement technology innovation, shall help purchasing departments not only to operate at radically lower cost, but also to drive more strategic value for the companies they serve”. Gérard Dahan, Manager EMEA, Ivalua.

We realize that your time is valuable and appreciate you taking a few minutes to complete this questionnaire. All survey responses will remain strictly confidential.
The survey only takes approximately 5 -10 minutes to complete—and to thank Procurement practitioners for their time, Ivalua will automatically enter those who complete the survey into a drawing for a chance to win an Apple Watch!

Survey results report will be released online on October 2016.
Good luck and thank you for your knowledge and expertise!

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