Collaborative functionalities of e-Procurement tools

Ivalua presents the results of the third Trending in Procurement survey on the collaborative functionalities of e-Procurement tools

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At a time of the networked entreprise and Web 3.0, major international groups are organizing themselves to promote communication and collaboration within decentralized, geographically distributed organizations, with the aim of improving team performance. Procurement Departments are no exception to this trend and have adopted collaborative tools made available to them by their companies and the publishers of e-Procurement solutions, for workflow, forums and document sharing, etc.

The main findings of the survey are:

  • Collaborative, e-Procurement functionalities are primarily used internally to promote communication within Procurement Departments and also with departments involved in procurement transactions.
  • Procurement Departments are in favour of opening up collaborative e-Procurement functionalities to external parties, in particular to suppliers in order to promote innovation (open innovation, crowdsourcing, etc.) and to buyers from other companies in order to share information about suppliers (e.g. for evaluating suppliers’ performance).
  • The gains associated with introducing collaborative e-Procurement functionalities are primarily improved quality and improved distribution of information.

“The success of Procurement Departments in major international companies largely depends on their ability to ensure that geographically and hierarchically fragmented stakeholders work together. The collaborative functionalities of e-Procurement tools are valuable assets enabling Procurement Departments to introduce a collaborative culture. They promote communication and information sharing, and their ultimate purpose must be to improve team productivity and performance and facilitate innovation.” comments Gérard DAHAN, General Manager EMEA, Ivalua.

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