Come meet Ivalua’s product experts at the 5th Annual Global Strategic Sourcing and Procurement Summit in Amsterdam,19-21 September 2017

The 5th Annual Global Strategic Sourcing & Procurement Summit at the Bilderberg Garden Hotel in Amsterdam, will provide you a significant opportunity to get a deeper understanding of the current issues and trends within the industry. Experts from the major companies such as Solvay, Novo Nordisk, Ferrero, Alitalia, Metro, Ericsson and others, will exchange their knowledge and know-how and will share their experience with you.

By attending this summit, you will gain the first-hand information focusing on the global sourcing, supplier relationship management, leadership in procurement, sustainability solutions through the strategic sourcing, understanding the risk management process, how to design an effective procurement strategy and, at the same time, work on sourcing “secrets”, methods and new trends in the Category Management.

Moreover, you will be listening to real case studies and strategies, which were successfully implemented by the industry leaders, as well as you will have a great chance to get a detailed inside of their solutions to how to start this journey. Be a part of this great meeting and learn from the best experts on the market!

Please note the speaking slot of Ivalua will be the 20th September at 2:50pm and join us on the Ivalua’s Booth.

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