Strategy & Analytics Solution

Strategy & Analytics Solution

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Why Ivalua for Purchasing Intelligence?


  • Extend cube-based analytics and dashboards beyond module-specific reporting.
  • Get visibility into the automated process of cleansing and classifying millions of lines of spend.
  • Budget and track negotiated savings as they are realized and become actual savings.
  • Use operational alerts and reporting to manage a portfolio of procurement and cross-functional team initiatives.


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Ivalua Purchasing Intelligence Modules

Spend Analysis

Get visibility into the automated process of cleansing and classifying millions of lines of spend.

  • Gather spend data from AP systems or directly from Ivalua’s platform to analyze spend by geography, organization, date and supplier.
  • Organize “clues” in the supplier, GL, descriptions, ERP material codes, etc. to build spend enrichment rules.
  • Auto-enrich the spend data with rules for assigning categories that can be refined and customized in a clear user interface.
  • Get spend classifications every night, or whenever you want — no more spend classification by batch or outside processes run quarterly.

Compliance issues can be detected closer to when they happen so that actions can be taken quickly. Expensive outside spend classification processing can be actively monitored or even brought in-house with the clues and rules workbench user-interfaces readily accessible.

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Savings Tracking

Organize and budget for negotiated savings and then track it as it reaches the bottom-line.

  • Plan annual savings goals for the sourcing team and track negotiated savings at individual, team and business unit level.
  • Roll up from all sourcing work for an aggregated view of savings vs. the goal, even incorporating actual spend from invoices in the reporting.
  • Run action plans as project consoles to automate reporting on progress throughout the period.

Savings goals and real-time updates to progress against them allow for efficient allocation of resources throughout the year to best achieve savings. Sourcing owners are not spending 20-30% of each month reporting on their work. Instead, the reporting is a natural output from their work and updated as progress is made.

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Performance Evaluation

Track qualitative and quantitative performance data on your suppliers and buyers.

  • Evaluate and analyze suppliers across multiple performance and risk dimensions.
  • Configure performance types and measurement indicators.
  • Evaluate buyers on workload, productivity, savings, cycle times and stakeholder satisfaction.

Save valuable time from your team by automating performance scoring campaigns. Set up business rules and metrics to ensure teams are contracting and awarding business to high performing suppliers.

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Project Management

Project manage various procurement activities for internally relevant initiatives.

  • Organize all activities throughout the Ivalua suite around corporate projects or initiatives.
  • Provide a console for non-procurement members of the project team to communicate, plan, manage tasks, upload docs and track progress.
  • Link projects to sourcing, contracts, requisitions, orders, invoices, performance evaluations, etc. for a full view of all activities in procurement that affect the project.

Save time reporting details to project team members outside of procurement. Organize information from Sourcing to help with a project to generate cost-based sales proposals, to address a new product introduction initiative or to pass project requirements for something like a construction or oil-field project directly into sourcing and contracting vehicles with sub-contractors.

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Advanced Analytics

Extend and configure cube-based analytics and dashboards across the full suite to analyze new indicators from 3rd party ERP and legacy systems in conjunction with data in Ivalua.

  • Customize analytics cubes with added indicators and dimensions based on new imported data from external systems.
  • Analyze imported 3rd party or enterprise system data.
  • Insert custom dashboards into pages within modules and apply filters as necessary for context.

Extending existing procurement analytics with outside data gives valuable insights affecting procurement, sourcing, finance and executive management. Leveraging the analytics user interface, reporting across the suite and beyond does not require IT, SQL or anything else but a browser and a goal.

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