The Ivalua Platform

A Solid Foundation Makes All the Difference


Under the modules, beneath the login lies the true power of Ivalua. Welcome to the value of a single code base designed for speed, simplicity and unlimited potential for procurement teams.

Discover the Ivalua Platform

Ivalua’s technical platform is an infrastructure unique among procurement systems. It is a fully integrated core set of code, data, workflow and system integration standards that fundamentally alters what you can achieve at any point across the procurement spectrum.



  • Functional components available across the
    entire “plug-and-play” suite of Ivalua modules.
  • Supplier Portal & Connectivity
  • Cross-Functional Collaboration
  • A powerful administrator console for
    system-wide configurations.
  • Standard connectors to easily interface with
    internal and external systems.
  • Advanced Workflow
  • Mobile User Management
  • Advanced reporting capabilities
    across the entire Ivalua Suite.

Integration with Ivalua

Push or pull your data from any other system, in any way or format you want. Information moves through Ivalua cleanly and quickly.




Flat file based
Xml/json based
Scheduled triggers
Triggered by workflow
Consume webservices
Expose webservices


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Access Everywhere


The Ivalua Platform powers a fully mobile solution that runs on the cloud or on premise, with support across every major type of mobile device.


Why the Ivalua Platform?


  • A powerful tool for administrators.
  • More efficient functionality shared across the Ivalua Suite.
  • A flexible infastructure for your supplier portal.
  • Centralized management of all 3rd party system integrations.
  • Ability to support non-procurement processes that also need automation or control.


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