Healthcare and GPO’s

There is one certainty about the health care sector—costs are on the rise! While everything else, from the nuances and implications of implementing federal regulations, to the potential of ‘repeal and replace” is uncertain, one thing is clear: healthcare and medical service providers must be efficient without sacrificing care quality.

Health Care providers are especially hit hard as the availability of Federal Funds and the stability of re-imbursement models is in question. Providers must focus on reducing the cost of care, while maintaining care quality. A source-to-pay automation system can help procurement and medical professionals in Health Care Provider organizations automate manual processes (that are often hospital centric), easily access medical supplies and devices already under contract, quickly execute spot buys for changing needs, provide requestors visibility into order status and lead times, and granular spend data to enable efficient sourcing.

By eliminating the costly, time-consuming tasks that are often associated with legacy and ERP systems, the Ivalua Solution delivers a host of benefits to organizations. With Ivalua, healthcare procurement, administrative and IT professionals can gain access to the tools and enhanced visibility that they need to make smarter procurement decisions.

The Definitive Healthcare and GPO’s Guide



Keep a pulse on spend management


  • Broad User Adoption for Physicians, Nurses and Administrative Staff
  • Increase Contract Compliance and Reduce Maverick Spend
  • Improve Operating Efficiency
  • Streamline Requisition Approval Process
  • Regulatory Compliance e.g. HIPAA, Supplier Diversity, Medical Item or Product Substitution

Ivalua’s Advanced Healthcare Functionality


Realize Savings
& Conserve Cash
  • Advanced Sourcing functionality for clinical and non-clinical spend
  • Granular spend enrichment
  • GPO Price Sourcing and Management
Automate End-
To-End Processes
  • Single organic Source-to-Pay cloud application
  • In-flight Product Substitution on a PO
  • Partial period Invoicing and Reconciliation
  • Easy to order repetitive items needed frequently
Enable Agility
& Innovation
  • Mapping of Health Care commodities to UNSPSC
  • Supplier training and support for Catalog and PunchOut
  • Mobile interface for on the go physicians and nurses
Improve Control
& Lower Risk
  • Provider Contracting
  • Simple Consumer UI
  • Enables HIPAA and SOX Compliance
  • Configurable fields for manufacturer, distributor, internal item codes, GTIN

Improve Healthcare and GPO’s with Better Spend Management

Ivalua customers see immediate and sustainable results



eInvoices per year for a Healthcare and Hospitality GPO

24000 hospital beds

Deployed to manage spend for 24000 hospital beds

3800 hospital

Employees across 28 operating units

Proven – Reliable Partner for
Healthcare and GPO’s

Ivalua customers are among the leaders and top performers in their industries. Since 2000 they have been using our solutions to create sustainable value from automating end-to-end processes, improving control and lowering risks, and enabling agility and innovation.

Since getting with Ivalua’s comprehensive P2P suite, we have rolled out key functionality across our network of hospitals and dramatically improved collaboration and connectivity with suppliers. Streamlined processes for ordering, sourcing and contract management have lowered costs, and new saving opportunities are driving investments in sourcing and procurement functions.

— Head of Procurement, Leading US Hospital Network