Food & Beverage

The Food and Beverage industry (F&B) is facing higher ingredient and labor costs, greater global competition and weather volatility, along with more picky and price-sensitive consumers (e.g. millennials, middle class in developing countries) demanding healthier choices, greater visibility into labelling and supply sources.

Further, the F&B industry is moving towards a global industrial system of food production where a few large companies will control the majority of food supply and choices. Farmers and producers are more likely to be large corporations, and consumers are likely to be served by large global restaurants and retail chains.

A source-to-pay automation system can help sourcing professionals in food service providers automate sourcing, contract management, supplier management, location management, ordering, delivery, invoice management and price auditing processes. It can also help them with greater visibility to better manage stores, operators and sub-operators.


The Definitive
Food & Beverage Guide

The Definitive Food & Beverage Guide


Taste Success with Better Spend Management


  • Shorten Procurement Cycle Times
  • Increased Transparency and Better Analytics
  • Improve Operating Efficiency
  • Manage Complex Sourcing
  • Reduce Costs
  • Improve Access to a Diverse Network of Vendors

Ivalua’s Advanced Food & Beverage Functionality


Realize Savings
& Conserve Cash
  • Breakdown quoting
  • Complex sourcing events
  • Contract compliance
  • Pricing compliance
  • Early payment programs
Automate End to End Processes
  • Assets and tooling
  • Complex ordering
  • Mass supplier deliveries
  • Dynamic receipt routing based on variance level
  • System-wide alerting
Enable Agility
& Innovation
  • Real-time analytics with nightly spend refreshes
  • Brand-specific supplier portals for specific collaboration practices
  • Ultra-configurable for your unique supply chain
Improve Control
& Lower Risk
  • 2-tier supply chain price controls
  • Frequent pricing audits
  • Distribution events to retail stores
  • N-tier invoice management

Ivalua helps Food & Beverage Companies Innovate

Ivalua customers see immediate and sustainable results


$1.8 Billion

Managed direct and indirect spend by a leading supply chain service company

200,000 purchasing orders

For one of the largest restaurant operators in Europe

5,000 suppliers

Managed within the system by a major supply chain service company

Proven – Reliable Partner for Food & Beverage

Ivalua customers are among the leaders and top performers in their industries. Since 2000 they have been using our solutions to create sustainable value from automating end-to-end processes, improving control and lowering risks, and enabling agility and innovation.

Ivalua has grasped the complexity of the food service industry and worked side by side with us to fully use the flexibility of Ivalua Solution in order to meet our clients’ unique needs

— Director, Supply Chain Data Management, F&B Client