Ivalua’s powerful suite accelerates procurement success.

Evaluating the Total Value of
Ownership of Spend Management Solutions

Measuring Information Systems return on investment is a difficult task indeed.
And Spend Management Solutions are no exception to the rule!
Discover the new Ivalua datasheet and build a business case for your Spend Management investment.

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Ivalua has the distinction of being a complete end-to-end suite of procurement modules all built on a common code base. This accelerates performance, simplifies deployment, increases stability and enables a high level of agility across functions and roles.


A Platform for Agility

Overview of Ivalua Solution

The Platform


Underneath the Ivalua solution is a powerful unified platform that will make your IT team drool.


Supplier Portal


Collaborate with control; choose which modules and what information to share.

Process Controls


Site-wide alerts, workflows and task management.

Content Management


Audit trails, status, versioning and metadata.



Query data across the suite and access key out-of-the-box indicators.



Blogs, email and more for secure communications inside and outside your team.



Control user access down to the field level and secure all data with world class encryption.



Manipulate the layout, set conditional logic, add fields.

Integration Toolbox


Plug into your extended enterprise systems: ERP, data warehouses, 3rd parties and more.

Services for Success


From liftoff to cruising speed, Ivalua’s services team helps companies reach their destination quickly and efficiently.



Structured project management and industry-specific models get it done right the first time.


You’ve got back-ends. We’ve got APIs, and a team that can make it all work smoothly.

Training Academy

Every user an expert. Well, maybe not, but our online certification and e-learning programs accelerate the mind melding.


Supplier Enablement

The yang to your yin. We’ve seen most every scenario after getting more than a million suppliers on board to date.

Data Quality & Cleanup

From simple touch-ups to deep cleansing, Ivalua gets your master data ready for its close-up.

Support & Technical Assistance

Local teams around the world standing by to help you remember your login credentials. Or manage a global upgrade process. Either way, we’re here to help.


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One Suite. Infinite Possibilities

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